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How do we pay you?

Tips are always welcome but other than that I will send you an invoice that much be paid before the event.

Do you serve unlimited refills?

Oh yeah baby. That is included with our house coffee and pour overs.

What days do you work?

We can be available any day except Saturdays. If your event is on Saturday we will set up and leave it for you.

How much do parties costs?

It varies a little, but to give you an idea 20 people is about $100/hr, 50 people is $200/hr and over 200 is $250/hr. that includes all the coffee and and supplies needed.

Is your coffee freshly roasted?

Yes. Coffee beans don't last much longer than two week before they begin to mold and we do not let out beans get that old.

"This coffee kart was the hit of my wedding!"

Donny The Ogre
Groom at Local Wedding

A coffee kart with Josh and Jenny is the best way to drink coffee.

Jonny Backstreet
John T | Photographer

"The absolute best everything."

Mellisa Rou
Wedding Venue

"I've never met such nice people and tasted such great coffee."

Jackie Meg
Mile Photos

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